Why Vehicle Wraps Are The Most Affordable Form Of Advertising

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While online marketing has become the major channel for the brands worldwide to interact with their target audience, outdoor advertising still holds some meaning to them as not all purchasing decisions are made online. For positive results, every business must have an offline presence where they can showcase their products and in case of services, their portfolio. Also, with so much content available on the internet, the average attention span of every user is declining, we move towards a new post on social media if we do not like the existing one and this is not even taking a second in most of the cases. This makes advertising more expensive as brands must increase their ad repetition to be visible.

In such a commotion, where customer’s attention has become so crucial, vehicle wraps make it easy for the brands to be visible on the roads and parking lots. Custom vehicle wraps are vinyl-based graphics that are wrapped around a vehicle with custom made a design that replicates the brand’s colors, logo, message, and contact information. They make a brand visible by using bright colors in design thus making a vehicle stand out from the others while delivering a brand’s message to its target audience.

There are 3 major categories of vehicle wraps:

Full-Body Wrap – As the name suggests, full-body wraps are vehicle graphics where the complete vehicle is covered with vinyl graphics. They provide opportunities to carry a bigger message for the brand such as the list of services, or a bigger logo, bigger contact information and so on.

Partial Wrap – Partial wraps are vinyl graphics where only a part of the vehicle is covered in the design. They are an economical option for businesses that do not have a big advertising budget. They carry brand name, logo, contact information and some products/services.

Vehicle Decals vehicle decals are the small vinyl stickers that are usually applied to the areas of the vehicle that are more visible while they are on the roads. They do not offer much to the brands in terms of advertising space. They are a good choice for those brands who are well recognized, as their logo itself is enough for their promotion.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

They last for a long time. Once installed by professionals, vehicle wraps last for at least 3-4 years. So, once vehicle wraps are installed, they will keep delivering impressions for your business until they are replaced.

Custom Vinyl Wraps adds an extra layer of protection over your vehicles. This layer protects vehicles against minor scratches and protects the body paint from direct weather. This, in turn, increases the value of the vehicle when you decide to sell them.

Because of their bright colors and attractive designs, they stand out from the other vehicles which naturally catches the attention of everyone around. And the best part, your business is getting all these impressions while your vehicle is being utilized for business operations.


Custom vehicle wraps are a great tool for outdoor advertising. Since they require only a one-time investment, they come out to be a very affordable option when compared with other forms of advertising. As for all other forms, you must keep investing money to keep your ad running, but in case of vehicle wraps, your one-time investment delivers impressions for 3-5 years.

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