What are Digital Display Boards? How are they different from Custom LED Signs?

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What is the most important factor for an advertisement to be effective? It must be engaging. From the moment anyone looks at the advertisement to how it affects them is a journey of microseconds and for that be to be effective the message must be clear, short and to the point. It must make the recipient think about it. In the world of outdoor advertising, digital displays are taking over at a tremendous pace, the reason? They are attractive, grab attention and keeps the viewer engaged. Marketers are flooding all the channels with video content to make the best out of their advertisement. Whether its images, gifs, short videos, or vlogs, the idea is to make the viewer connect with their story in the hope of making a positive impact.  

Digital display boards can be seen everywhere in Corona CA these days. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are found in supermarkets, highways, schools, universities, hospitals and almost all those places where there is an opportunity to place a signboard. Earlier, they were expensive a bit less responsive and complicated to run and maintain. But with the advancement in the technology, the cost of running digital display boards in Corona CA has fallen, and they are accessible for everyone. 

What are Digital Display Boards?

Before you get carried away with their awesomeness, let’s understand what they are? And how businesses can benefit from investing in them.

Digital display boards are electronic message boxes, where the traditional sign letters are replaced by an LED display to showcase the message. They are far more superior than the regular business signs and can display multiple messages at a time. These messages can be changed or controlled by a small tablet-like system or a computer. Once installed, they can showcase a message 24×7 without needing any extra efforts or expenses. 

Difference Between Digital Display Boards and Custom LED Signs

Most often, digital display boards get confused with custom led signs. But in reality, they are two different things altogether. A digital display board comes with an LED screen installed at the center which is used to showcase the message whereas in case of custom LED signs, the sign letters are illuminated by placing an LED light or the letters are installed in a box that is illuminated by using LED lights. Unlike digital displays, custom led signs cannot showcase more than one message at a time.  

Digital Displays Promote Impulse Buying

One of the major reasons, digital displays are becoming very popular among retail businesses is their ability to showcase multiple messages at the same time. They provide an advantage to the customers by showcasing multiple offerings at the same time. This makes it easy for them to decide what they want or simply if they like it or not. This persuades many customers to make an impulse purchase.

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