Digital Signs Are Just Perfect For Offline Advertising

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The current trend is about using visual content wherever possible. Marketers have been flooding every channel with images, videos, Gifs and more. Social channels are filled with interactive content in the form of custom photography, short video clips and so on. But why this change suddenly? The answer – it is more engaging. For any advertisement, its effectiveness relies upon how it engages its target audience. But what about offline marketing activities? For that, the solution is Digital Signs. It provides opportunities to brands to follow the same theme across all channels I.e. to promote engaging content.

On a different note, small brick and mortar businesses who cannot afford online marketing activities, digital signs are a way of delivering eye-catching content to their customers and generate more leads as a result.

Their Placement

Digital signage can be installed at any place where the traditional signage is installed, and the size is not an issue. Like the traditional signage, digital signs can also be designed in any shape or size completely depending upon the requirement of the advertiser. They can be installed in the lobby area to keep the clients entertained while they are waiting, they can be placed next to the billing counters to highlight discounts or being used in offices to showcase information.

Let’s take a look at 5 major advantages of digital signage for businesses:

They Grab Attention – One of the biggest advantages of digital signs is they offer customizable messages. Business owners can run multiple messages at one time, which is not possible with traditional signage. This makes them more dynamic and that makes it possible for them to catch more attention.

Dynamic Content Updates – With digital signs, you can control the message that is being showcased and can change it whenever you feel like. This comes in super handy when a business is running multiple promotions at a time especially during holiday seasons. You can store multiple graphics at a time and change them based on when you think it is right to display which message. This also means that you can turn ads on for those items that are selling less and tilt your customers in that direction.

Cost-Effective – They are time-saving and hassle-free as with digital signage you do not have to worry about printing the ads or in case of multiple ads, carrying them. Another aspect is you can rent them out to the retailers or offices who have a similar business to yours. This helps in paying back the investment you made in the first place and it also helps the brands who are looking to boost their awareness.

Impulse Purchases – With multiple displays at a time, digital displays offer multiple choices to the customers to choose from. This increases the chances of them getting what they were looking for. Especially in retail shops, digital signs can persuade many customers by highlighting current promotions and tempting them to make impulse purchases.

can persuade many customers by highlighting current promotions and tempting them to make impulse purchases.

Spreading Additional Information: Installing digital displays in stores and offices provides a channel to the brands to present additional information to their customers like their other business locations, social channels, upcoming offers and more. This makes the potential and existing customers more aware of the brand and improves footfalls in their stores during promotions.

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